I married a vegan and he helped to inspire me to be a better me. A healthier, more conscious of what I put into my body and into the bodies of my family, me! I started out thinking, hmm.. how does he do that?? How does he have so much will power and self-discipline? He introduced me to Indian food which I now love. We would dine at many Thai restaurants because there were more options to please us both. It only took him 5 years to convert me. I wish I’d made the plunge the very first day!

So for our wedding day to prove my love I made our 4 tier vegan naked wedding cake. I wanted it to consist of both chocolate AND white cake. It was a success!! We even froze the top tier to share on our first anniversary and it froze perfectly well. I wish I had the exact recipes that I used handy to share right now. I know I can find them. When I do.. You will be the first I share with.

Wedding Cake 1

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