It’s our family tradition to go strawberry picking every year close to Father’s Day. We set out into the hot sun filled fields and pick as fast and as much as we can in about an hours time. The grown ups fill the baskets while the kids pick and eat way more than they collect.

We head home where we spend the next several hours chatting, cleaning and hulling the strawberries, and handing them over for my dad to prepare into the most flavorful jam.

We make enough jars of jam to last us the whole year. We give some as gifts during the holidays and make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for kids lunches.

This is one of my favorite family traditions and I hope that one day my children carry it on with their own families for years to come.

There are SO many tried and true recipes for making jam. Here I like to stick to the classic.

Here is the recipe found on the Ball website.





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