The plunge

Welcome! Thank you for visiting Kindred Vegan. I’m Jada. I am a wife and mother. I grew up a country meat & potatoes / cheese & crackers girl, on a farm in Wisconsin. While I was raised on a classic american diet my father always planted a huge garden every summer full of fresh fruits and vegetables that we incorporated into our meals. My mother made homemade jams from our plum trees & blanched and froze our fresh greenbeans for meals another day. I’ve always appreciated all of the colorful harvests and flavors from a homegrown garden but we had always paired these healthy harvests alongside meat. Through the years I have dabbled in periods of eliminating meats from my diet or attempted meatless Mondays. All of my attempts were short lived. Now, I am married to a vegan, have family and friends with food allergies, a daughter with asthma and parents who fight common aging ailments like high blood pressure and cholesterol. I woke up and said enough is enough! I am going to make that change by removing meat and dairy and incorporating more plants, into our lives! And here I am…

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