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Welcome and hello!

I’m Jada, I live in Illinois and I love my family and friends more than anything in the whole world. Other things that top my list are sunshine, growing my own flowers, fruits and vegetables, time in my kitchen testing out new recipes to the tunes of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, the outdoors, holidays, relaxing in front of real log fires watching cozy mysteries with my family and snug corners of a bookstore browsing all of my favorite interests with a hot cup of coffee or tea in hand. My wish is to keep myself and everyone I know as healthy and happy as can be.

I recently went vegan and this blog is to share my journey along the way. I’d like to shed some inspiration on anyone and everyone that visits.

Here within these pages I will share tried and true receipes that I find along the way, personal stories and my very own recipes that I’ve created from what I have learned. All pictures featured on this site are my own. I am not a professional.

This is my first blog. Ok, here it goes..


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